Information required before starting the artwork design:

1. Shop name or company name
2. Contact number and email
3. Shop or company address
4. Business hours
5. Order requirements, including detailed descriptions of ideas and any changes.

Confirmation of the artwork design procedure:

1. Carefully review the content and contact details of the artwork proof.
2. Customer has to approve the artwork and confirm the order via email or SMS.
3. Once the artwork or order is confirmed, we will proceed to printing. No further changes on artwork or any order specifications (including printing quantity, delivery address, gift, etc) can be made.
4. Printing takes approximately 10 working days from the day your artwork or order is confirmed with full payment.

Please note: Once the artwork or order is confirmed, no changes can be made. Please make sure to carefully proofread before approving the artwork. Our company will not be responsible for any errors.

Can changes be made after approval confirmation?

Changes cannot be made after confirming the artwork or order. Once the artwork or order is confirmed, printing will be arranged immediately. Therefore, it is essential to carefully proofread before printing confirmation to avoid unnecessary losses.

Regarding paper quality and colour differences:

Artwork proofs are using laser printer with different paper types from suppliers, the colour and paper quality of the actual printed goods may vary slightly from the previous printing. Hence, we cannot guarantee that the paper quality or colours of the finished products will match your previous ones. All printed materials are subject to our company’s colour management standards, please do not use monitor screen display or printed paper artwork proof as reference.

Issue with final trimming:

Final trimming may have a margin of error of 1-3mm, which is within the normal range and not a quality issue.

Can I request the original design files after approval confirmation?

According to our company policy, the copyright of all artwork design belongs to our company. We place great importance on protecting intellectual property rights; therefore, we cannot provide design originals to clients.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent service. If you have any questions or requirements regarding our design or printing services, please feel free to contact us.